LiquidBounce 1.11 Changelog


Updated 1.8 Source to 1.11.

Removed AutoBlock.

Added cooldown support to killaura.

Added cooldown support to trigger.

Added BedGodMode module.

Removed Animations module.

Removed NoWalls.

Removed Regen.

Removed Zoot.

Removed FastUse.

Removed AutoJump.

Added WizardBot.

Added Wizardbot command.

Added VehicleFly.

Added GlowESP.

Added Taco command.


Fixed color string bug in nametags module.

Added NoPush module.

Added remove subcommand to bind command.

Added ElytraFly.

Added VanillaSpeed setting to Fly module.

Added StickyPlayer.

Fixed color bug in GuiMultiplayer.

Improved TabGui design.


Improved TabGui design.

Fixed AutoArmor.

Added AntiLevitation module.

Fixed ChestStealer module.

Fixed LiquidWalk module.

Added Bungeecord Spoof.


Fixed Shaders.

Removed debug message if you use cheststealer.

Updated WizardBot to the new WizardCraft map.

Improved nuker.

Fixed damage if you attack with killaura, trigger, wizardbot.


No Changelog


Updated Source to 1.8.8 b10

Added message to command damage

Fixed little bugs


Improved KillAura

Fixed AutoSoup command

Removed EntityVillager from targets mobs

LiquidBounce 1.10.2 Changelog


Added features etc.


Added Ghost Hack

Added option to toggle the coordinate display in the hud.

Added AntiAFK Hack

Added AutoWalk Hack

Fixed InventoryMove

Renamed creativenuker to Nuker

Added .nuker command

Improved nuker

Fixed FileList(Fixed xray bugs etc)

Added AutoBreak Hack

Added keybind change gui. You can open the gui with middle click on a module button in the clickgui.


Fixed xray saving/loading

Fixed account saving/loading


Improved Hud module list design

Fixed ESP Crash

Improved nametags

Fixed Step crash

Improved HUD (If you enable a module fade this module in the array)

Fixed .aura

Improved performance

Added option for the time display in the hud

Renamed LiqWalk to LiquidWalk


Removed AirWalk

Addeded CreativeTabs

Improved HUD

Improved Blink

Removed Notifications

Improved Attacking

Improved KillAura


Removed SpleefAura

Removed Ninja

Added coustom liquidbounce cape support


Improved performance

Fixed GuiMainMenu background color bug

Fixed color bugs

Fixed playerModel

Fixed effect display

Updated oldclickgui to the 1.8.8 b5/b4 clickgui

Improved ESP Rendering

Improved normal speed type

Removed debug cape loading information

Added WizardBot(Attack automaticly all Players on the server)

Added .wizardbot command

Improved command message styles and improved translations

Added a simple style for the hud

Fixed friend system

Added MidClick(Open a scroll panel to select a Action)

Added MCLeaks support

Improved NoFall

Improved Step

LiquidBounce 1.8.8 Changelog






Improved KillAura

Improved Criticals

Removed FightBot

Improved SkinDerp

Removed SpleefAura

Improved Blink

Removed AirWalk

Removed Notifications

Added AutoBlock

Added BigHitbox

Added NoBob

Improved Swing animation

Improved HUD

Improved Step

Added IntelligentAura

Added WalkAnimation to Glide

Improved AutoArmor

Improved NoVelocity

Removed Flip

Added Teleport

Fixed BowAimbot

Improved NoSlowdown


Fixed LiquidWalk

Renamed LiqWalk to LiquidWalk

Removed Speed

Added Speed category

Added Speeds in the Speed category

Added LowHop Speed

Removed newClickGui

Removed clickGui command

Improved oldClickGui

Fixed default value for the killaura delay

Improved IntelligentAura

Visualized clickGui and TabGui with sounds

Removed ProxyManager because it is no longer working.

Added AutoPot

Fixed randomDelay setting for KillAura

Fixed TriggerBot with the delay

Updated bypass list


Fixed server join

Fixed AltManager

Fixed english fail in mainMenu


Recoded client

Fixed sound bug

Added Bungeecord ophack

Improved Hud

Improved KillAura

And more changes...


Fixed AutoArmor module bypass setting

Added Eagle module

Improved LiquidWalk module

Improved Paralyze module

Improved Ghost module

Fixed translation in Nuker module description

Fixed description display under a panel bug

Fixed AutoArmor module bypass setting

Renamed GommeSAC speed to Gomme

Improved Gomme speed

Added VClip module

Added toggle command

Added HitBox module

Added HitBox command (BUG!!! To use the hitbox command you must write ..hitbox)

Improved Tower fastmode

Improved CivBreak


Fixed customspeed select

Fixed hitbox command

Removed VClip module

Renamed Phase to SkipPhase

Improved SkipPhase

Set key P to default key for SkipPhase

Made NoClip slower

AutoRespawn don't respawn you now if you are enabled ghost

Improved KillAura description

Added Plugins module

Removed Spartan fly bypass because it dont work

Added ANC fly bypass

Added Timer Speed

Fixed lightning bug in GuiMultiplayer

Fixed messages in GuiUpdate


No Changelog


Improved KillAura

Added ESP blue color for friends

Added Reach module

And a lot of more new features.




Improved KillAura

Removed Silent setting from KillAura

Added AutoBlock setting to KillAura

Added AAC setting to KillAura

Added TurnSpeed setting to KillAura

Removed AutoBlock module

Removed GommeBHop module

Renamed AACBHop to OldAACBHop

Added AACBHop

Improved Boost Speed

Improved NCPBHop Speed

Added smooth animation to LiquidBounce style clickgui

Added Null Style to clickgui

Improved MiJump Speed

Removed Gomme Fly

Removed ANC Fly

Added LongJump module

Fixed AutoPot command

Added AutoSoup command

Added RainbowArray to hud setting

Added Parkour module

Removed NoWalls module

Added AACv3 setting to LongJump

Fixed settings box sizes

Fixed MCLeaks

Added FakeAttack setting to KillAura

Added AllDirections setting to Sprint